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Arctic Themed Party Decorations

Arctic Themed Party Decorations
Arctic Themed Party Decorations
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Themed parties are perfect for getting all your friends and family together and having a blast. There are plenty of party themes to choose from. However, if you cannot think of a party theme that is new and unique or if you have tried all other types of party themes, then perhaps you should try having an arctic themed party. As its name suggests, this theme is going to be a chill theme to have and is perfect if you are tired of the heat. An arctic themed party is not that difficult to organize and it can be made a success without having to do a lot. Think of what kind of a party Mr. Freeze from Batman would like and you are there. 

The general ambience of an arctic themed party has to be, well, arctic. In order to achieve such an ambience, you can have a slightly dark party area with the general colour scheme of the party to be arctic blue. Lighting is essential for this kind of party as lighting can help you give a chilly impression inside the party. Luckily,, the best Australian online party supplies store, has quite a few lights that are perfect for this job. As far as other decorations are concerned, has more than enough of them to get you through. Here are some good examples of the decorations that you can find in this online store and some directions regarding how you can use them to the best of their abilities:

LED Party Table

The LED Party Table is the perfect party table to have for an arctic themed party. The LED table glows beautifully and you can enhance its effect if you keep the area around it darker than usual; you do not want a very well lit party area that gives off the impression of being 'sunny'. The LED Party Table changes colours so it is best if you set it at a single colour, most preferably to its blue colour that will match the theme of the party. However, the LED Party Table is not just a decorations item, it is a full on party table that can be used to hold various drinks and food items for the guests to enjoy. It is worth saying here that the food and drinks should be in accordance with the arctic theme of the party. Now there is not a certain kind of food to keep in this kind of themed party but you can try to keep food and drinks that people usually eat and drink in arctic weather. You can get tons of information regarding what to cook and serve on the internet.

Snow Machine

One of the most obvious choices as far as decorations for an arctic themed party area is concerned is the Snow Machine. Arctic weather implies lots of snow and this machine is perfect for giving the impression of snow falling inside the party area. You can keep this machine in a hidden place inside the party area so that nobody notices where the snow is coming from. Of course this snow is artificial and it is not going to affect the temperature in any way so it is best if you purposefully keep the air conditioning rather high in the party area, after all it is an arctic themed party and it should be chilly inside the party. Also remember to buy Snow Machine Liquid so that your Snow Machine can produce the artificial snow. It is best to buy at least 2 bottles so that the snow keeps coming throughout the party.

Light Blue Paper Lanterns

If you want more decorations that go with the general colour scheme of an arctic themed party, then take a look at the Light Blue Paper Lanterns. These paper lanterns have the perfect blue colour for an arctic themed party and since they have space for a candle or a small light, they produce a glow that will do wonders for your party. Remember that it is best if you keep the lighting in the party area a little towards the weak side so that the glowing decorations you use look prominent and would cause the party to really look like it is being celebrated in an arctic place. You can simply hang these paper lanterns around the party area and place one of the Single Lights for Paper Lanterns that are available at These lights are battery powered and will easily last you 20 or more hours so you do not have to worry about them going out or getting weaker during the party.

Of course these are just a few of the many decorations available at that fit an arctic themed party perfectly well. For more decorations visit now. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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