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Decorating for an alien themed party

decorating for an alien themed party
decorating for an alien themed party
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As far as themes for parties go, having an alien themed party is a totally radical idea that you should try in case you have not already. Having an alien themed party is one of the best ways to have a blast with friends and colleagues as it gives everyone a chance to dress up in the most bizarre way and have fun. Such a theme also allows you, the organizer of the party, to exercise your creativity and decorate it using your imagination.

Of course, as far as the decorations of an alien themed party are concerned, there are lots of things to take inspiration from. Movies like Star Wars or Star Trek are perfect for getting ideas regarding such a party. However, after deciding what kind of decorations you want, actually getting your hands on them is a difficult task. Fortunately, has plenty of decorations that will do justice to an alien themed party. So without further ado, here are some great examples of what you can get from this online party supplies store and how you can use them to decorate your party to perfection:   

Party Sphere Laser Light

An alien themed party needs a lot of glowing decorations in order to give it a impression of being celebrated within deep space. Also, if you have noticed, almost all of the alien movies that are currently in existence involve lots of gadgets and lights, hence it is best if you look for decorations that have an inbuilt light effect. The Party Sphere Laser Light is one decoration item that fits the description. All you have to do is to set this gadget into the party area and it will start phasing laser lights on the walls and the ceiling. Such a light effect definitely goes with the alien theme of the party. You can buy multiple units of the Party Sphere Laser Light in order to multiply this decoration item's light effect at your party.

LED Star Lamp

When one thinks of aliens, stars come automatically to mind. Thus you need some kind of decoration item that creates the illusion of being among the stars. The LED Star Lamp is just the decoration product you need if you want to create the illusion of the presence of stars in your party area. The LED Star Lamp will fare particularly well if used in the dance floor of the party area, in case there is one, partly because the dancing area of a party is usually a little darker than usual and that will enhance the effect that this decoration item has and partly because 'dancing among the stars' is certainly something that will get the guests going. It is best if you order more than one unit of the LED Star Lamp in order to have a stronger light effect.

LED Crystal Ball Light

Nothing says 'Alien' better than the LED Crystal Ball Light. You can use the LED Crystal Ball Light alongside the other two lighting decorations mentioned above or even as an alternative. The LED Crystal Ball Light can be used in the main party area as an alien designed gadget or as an unknown object in deep space. The LED Crystal Ball Light can be set to stay on various colours, to various flashing patterns and on different flash speeds, so you can use it according to what seems best to you and it allows you to produce your own custom made lighting effect. The LED Crystal Ball Light is also perfect for decorating the dance floor at an alien themed party.

Silk Flame Light

As far as decorations are concerned, there is nothing more 'alien' than the Silk Flame Light. This particular decoration item is perfect for decorating the entrance of your alien themed party and you can also place it inside the party. The main qualities of the decorations you use for an alien themed party should be that they should be unique and amazing to behold and the Silk Flame Light certainly puts a check on both these things. You can also place the Silk Flame Light next to something or place inside the party towards which you want to pull everybody's attention.

LED cube chair

Last but not least in the list of the decorations that are perfect for an alien themed party is the LED cube chair. Each LED Party cube chair has a high powered RGB LED installed in it and lights up and changes colours for up to 24 hours. It is best if you buy more than just one or two chairs according to the number of guests that you can expect to be at your party. You can place these 'alien' chairs in the main party area where you can expect a lot of guests to sit. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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