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One Direction Party Supplies

One Direction Party Supplies
One Direction Party Supplies
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Organising a one direction party? 

This band is undoubtedly the most famous teenage boy band of today’s time. And there are many reasons why this group of teenage boys have captured the hearts of the many. Some of these reasons include:
1. They are British

Lot's of girls love accents so this has helped with there marketing. With the upsurge of Harry Potter movies or the Lord of the Rings trilogy, who would have not get a little more excited hearing that British twang?  
2. They are a group of talented young guys
These teenage boys actually joined the X Factor 2010 and the judges felt and suggested to them that instead of joining as individuals, they form a group, and they just did. Proof of their good talents (as they all can sing and dance) is when they ended as the 3rd placer of that X factor season.  Soon after that, series of high-grossing albums, world tours and concerts filled their schedule.
3. They have very pleasant personality
Kids, teenagers and some adult fans have all been screaming about how nice these teenage boys are. Every angle of the camera captures them smiling for their fans. They would go out of their way to greet, hug or even shake hands with their loving fans.All of there videos and photos really capture them well.
4. They are recognized by credible award-giving bodies
Since they were formed and started rocking the music world, they have been nominated and/or awarded by different award-giving bodies. Some of their awards include: Best International Artist, Pop International, Best British Album, Best British Act, and Best British Single.
5. They are young yet hardworking and professionals
So far, there has been no bad publicity about this group. With the way they attend to all their commitments, these young guys look like they are really committed to what they are doing and thus give the impression that they are here to stay… that there is a much brighter future ahead of them.
So, with such fame, it is not a wonder why kids, teenagers and adult would want something, anything or any form of memento that would be associated to the One Direction band. This is the very reason why some parties and gatherings would have One Direction products that triggers excitement for the entire guest list.
Some items which are now highly sought-after for parties and events are:
1. T-shirts, bags, or mugs pre-printed with pictures of One Direction
This can be given as party favours or each attendee/guest can use/wear this as part of the party theme.
2. Lights and sound, One Direction style
Party lights plus music (playing the One Direction albums) that fills the place will surely encourage every guest to dance and sing along with the songs.
We have a large range of disco lighting which is perfect for a party with this theme.
3. Photo booth with One Direction props/paraphernalia
A wig that looks like the hairstyle of any member of the One Direction band, some shades or eye glasses that can be associated with the band, as well as shirts, leather jackets or anything that will make the wearer/user look like a pop star can be set up in the Photo booth corner so that all guests will enjoy having their photos taken, using the props.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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