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Wedding Supplies - Bridal Lingerie

Wedding Supplies - Bridal Lingerie
Wedding Supplies - Bridal Lingerie
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Choosing the perfect bridal lingerie

Many brides make the mistake of totally going overboard when it comes to picking their wedding dress and forget about what exquisite little things they are going to wear under the actual dress. Bridal lingerie is an essential part of any outfit and can make an immense difference in both the way you look and feel on your special day.  It’s thus recommended that you shop for your lingerie at least a week or two before your wedding to make sure you get it just right.

Comfortable or sexy?- The number one question when it comes to bridal lingerie selection is surely whether to go for comfortable or sexy.  It will be a factor when the bride is more concerned with the groom’s reaction that with how comfortable it is going to be. Remember, you’ll be wearing the pieces all day, thus a few practicalities need to be considered. Why not invest in a sexy nightdress and just slip it on when you get to the honeymoon suite.

Material type-  Rule of thumb- Invest in a lingerie material type that matches the weather on your wedding day. If you are hosting a summer wedding it would be best to opt for cotton or silk, synthetic fabrics such as nylon should however be avoided as far as possible. Corsets and bustiers reign supreme as the most popular and fashionable wedding undergarments as they give fantastic definition to your waist and bust, and come in tapestry and satin fabrics.

Color-Remember that the color of your bridal lingerie is directly linked to the color and material of your wedding dress.  White underwear may not always be the best choice, even under a classic white wedding dress, you still stand the risk of the piece show through.  Off-white, ivory and flesh colored lingerie are ideal if you want to prevent your perfect dress being spoiled by in-your-face underwear.

Where and when to buy-  It is always better to visit a specialty store and get your special undies professionally fitted. The majority of women wear the incorrect size bra and having a pro fitting will help you get just the right size underwear to improve your overall posture, body shape and the fit of your wedding dress.

Your dress style will need to be duly considered during the underwear selection process and an expert will be the best person to advise you on this. A strapless or backless dress will call for a super supportive bra that will fit under the dress, especially if you are big-busted. Sleeved dresses may also need a certain shape of bra to ensure that no straps show through and spoil the look of the dress.

If possible, try and buy your lingerie the same day as your dress fitting so that you can make sure it doesn’t show through.  If you plan to wear anything super sexy or just plain raunchy rather steer clear from wearing it to the dress maker, we don’t want to cause the poor pro any embarrassment.

Feeling right- The key to choosing the right wedding underwear is to opt for something that feels right. There is no sexier feeling in the world than walking down the aisle, knowing you are wearing exquisite lingerie that only you know of.  Pick something that matches your taste, personality and body type, and steer clear from squeezing yourself into something that will make you uncomfortable just because you think the groom will like

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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