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How to plan an engagement party

How to plan an engagement party
How to plan an engagement party
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Help guests get their groove on – What is the best kept secret to a successful engagement party?  Jovial guests of course. The very first and most important tip or all engagement party tips, is help your guests get their groove on.  The purpose of an engagement party is to get both parties families to get to know each other and obviously to show off your fab new engagement ring.  Make fun your only priority for the event. We’ve got the inside scoop on fantastic ideas to get your guests in a super social mood during your party:

An engagement party is the ultimate opportunity for the bride and groom-to-be to get to know each other’s family, friends and colleagues before actually tying the knot. Such an event will help eliminate any awkwardness at special occasions such as kitchen tea’s, leading up to the special day and on the wedding day self.  A pre-wedding party in the form of an engagement party will also give guests something to chat about when they meet again on the day of the wedding. 

Personalization- No matter who you are, personalization in any shape or form is always intriguing and plain fun.  Use personal items when decorating the venue, as this will add much needed meaning to the occasion. A great idea to give a go is to create separate family trees for the couple with labeled photographs, joined in the middle by the couples’ engagement photo. This is a must for smaller, more family orientated parties.  You should however include as many photos of your guests as possible.

Sports fun- Sports activities are just magnificent to get guests laughing and chatting.  It’s thus recommended that if you are hosting an outdoor party, that you incorporate as many sporting activities for your guests as you can.  These activities can include a game of rugby or volleyball or even croquet. It’s of utmost importance that teams are picked correctly- you don’t want to end up with the bride’s family against that of the groom’s.

Engagement Photographs- Are you the proud owner of your own set of formal engagement photos ?  Why not show them off at your party? Add a few older pics with the new photos and try and include some of attending guests. It would be best to arrange the pics in a timeline as this will help guests to see exactly where and when each friend fits into your life story. This is a must-have for larger, friend focused parties.

Snap!- The use of disposable cameras is definitely not limited to just your wedding day. Hand a camera to every guest as soon as the party starts rocking and allow them to capture memories that will last a lifetime.  These pics are also great to display at a wedding reception again giving guests something to talk about.

Set the mood with music- It’s just a fact that music sets the mood like nothing on earth. The correct music choice will lift guests’ moods and makes making conversation with strangers as easy as pie.  How about hiring your fav jazz or swing band to create a focal point for the party and get bored feet dancing?  If you are cash strapped just program a few of your all-time favorites into your MP3 player.  It is however important to keep the music noise level in mind.

Wedding party task- The first task of your wedding party will be to mingle with your party guests and of course to properly introduce themselves.  Have your wedding party go through all the attending guests photo’s to ensure they know who the most important family members are in case they haven’t met them beforehand.  Oh and remember to give them the inside skinny on any family or guest feuds so that relevant individuals can be seated separately.

How about some love?- There is no better time for love and to match make than at a wedding.  Many cheeky brides use seating arrangements as an opportunity to match up unsuspecting singles. If you want to be one of those fun-loving brides, check that both singles attend the engagement party as this will serve as a great chance for initial introduction but remember to introduce them casually as you would any other guest. If they do like one another they will already have a date- your wedding day!

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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