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Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Ideas
Wedding Anniversary Ideas
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A lot of married couples experience the vigour their marriage once had, fade away as their duties increase and days become more and more hectic with work and children. The excitement that a newly married couple has often becomes weaker and weaker as the years go by as the couple has less and less time for each other. This is usually a matter of concern for quite a few married couples and it is important to revitalize the vigour and excitement their marriage once had in order to have an even stronger and more satisfying relationship with one’s spouse.

One of the best ways to tackle this problem is to celebrate your marriage and make your spouse feel special. Every year, take out time to plan out a way to celebrate your wedding anniversary and relive the day you were getting married with your husband or wife. You can either make your wedding anniversary a more family and friends oriented affair or you can make a personal celebration with your husband or wife. Choosing either way depends on your preference and what you think your spouse would prefer.

Having a private celebration can be a more romantic mode of celebrating your wedding anniversary. There is perhaps nothing more romantic than having a candlelit dinner with your spouse. For this candlelit dinner, try making the dinner yourself, nothing would add a feeling of endearment more than your spouse knowing that you put an effort into the dinner. If, however, you are hopeless at cooking or are really short on time, then get your wife’s or husband’s favourite dishes from her or his favourite restaurant. 

As far as the dinner table is concerned, decorate it to the best of your abilities. You can use plenty of items to make your dinner table look its best. Being a ‘candlelit’ dinner, you are going to need plenty of candles for the dinner which will illuminate the room and make the table look really romantic. You can use the Votive Candles in a Frosted Glass Jar. These candles are perfect for a romantic anniversary dinner as they provide that dim light that can add a very romantic touch to the atmosphere.

 Placing them on and around the dinner table will make the whole dinner area look really good without costing you much. You can also use the Star Table Luminaries to adorn the dinner table and add variety to your candle lighting. The Star Table Luminaries cost even less than the Votive Candles in a Frosted Glass and look quite good as well. Apart from the table decorations, you can focus on putting romantic lights around the table as well. You can use Multi-Coloured Liladee Flower- Fairy Lights to great effect; place these colourful lights around in the room to make the candlelit dinner even more romantic.

You can also make your wedding anniversary a celebration for the whole family and friends. A family celebration would obviously be a less romantic mode of celebration than a private candlelit dinner, however such a celebration can help not only bring you closer to your spouse but also bring the rest of the family come closer. Such a celebration requires less subtle decorations than the ones mentioned earlier. A wedding anniversary celebration with the rest of the family can either be a big and simple family dinner or a more festive celebration with balloons, party poppers and lots of noise.

 Either way a colourful banner saying “Happy Anniversary” next to your name and your spouse’s name would look good and would establish that the party is in honour of your bond with your spouse. Apart from that, colourful balloons such as Mixed Colours Link-o-Loon are perfect for this occasion as they add colour to the whole event; a wedding anniversary needs lots of colour to denote the happiness that you and your spouse share. While on the subject of colour, Red Paper Lanterns are also perfect for your wedding anniversary celebrations as red is the colour of love and would certainly give the party a romantic feel which is exactly what a wedding anniversary party needs. Party poppers are also essential for your wedding anniversary celebration as they also bring colour and lots of noise to a party. The Rose Petals and Streamer Cannons section of has a really nice collection of party cannons that shoot petals high up in the air. Although these cannons are not exactly decoration items, however they can momentarily make the party really beautiful.


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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