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Beautiful wedding decorations for your special day

Wedding decorating ideas for your special day
Wedding decorating ideas for your special day
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Top class wedding decorating ideas guide

In dire need of a few top class wedding decoration ideas but stuck without a hint of inspiration? Check out our top class wedding decorations ideas guide to get the ideas flowing:

Dramatic decorations for your wedding day

Want a tall dramatic centerpiece, but still want your guests to see each other?  Invest in tall candelabras and just have one flowered garland twisted around the stem. Alternatively you can have your flowers arranged in super-sized martini glasses as this will allow guests to chat underneath them. Finally you can opt for low arrangements for just the tables and have a few towering arrangements in the room corners or on the sides of the top table.

Mirrors can also be strategically placed around the reception area to maximize your decor and make the venue appear larger. This is an especially good idea if you have many different theme colors and are using lights and candles.

Using unusual items

Did you know that wedding food can also serve as wedding decorations?  Absolutely!  Turn your wedding menu into a decor feature by paying close attention to what it looks like and how it is served. Go for color co-ordinated hors d’oeuvre and have them stacked on high-rise stands or colorful plates, or served on glass containers full of wedding flowers or colored pebbles. If you really want to create an exquisite display, combine larger platters with tall food stands.

Really want to take your wedding color scheme to the next level?  Stipulate a colored dress code for your guests. Black and white are extremely popular choices if you want to be 100 percent sure your guests won’t clash or match with your wedding colors. Feel free to try dress codes such as ‘summer sunset’ or ‘spring sensation.

Floral, feathered and fabulous wedding arrangement ideas

For easy yet striking floral centerpieces, merely place a bunch of roses in a vase and scatter a few petals on the table beneath. It’s recommended that you opt for low square arrangements in dining areas and taller vases in other areas including the bar.

Feathers are a great alternative to flowers in terms of wedding decor as they are subtle and elegant, yet more modern and contemporary than flowers. Try to incorporate feathers into your bouquet, hair style and place names or escort card holders. Chandeliers can also be replaced by a feathered circle.

Colored glass used in wedding decor can create an awesome effect while serving a practical purpose at the same time. Have a look at different colored champagne and wine glasses, as well as flower vases.  For an incredibly romantic ambience place a colored glass with a tea light inside in every place setting.

If you really want to add character to your venue, hire or borrowing a few pieces of furniture that reflects your wedding theme. These furniture items can range from vintage tables to modern sofas in shocking shades of pink, purple or green in the lounge area. It’s recommended that you rather avoid changing all furniture at the venue; a few well placed pieces will be more than sufficient.

Chair accessorizing is often considered too fussy, unless chair covers are used and the chair backs are begging for detail. Merely attach a simple ornament such as a flower or teddy bear or you could add ribbons in the color of your choice.

How about a wedding tree?  Wedding trees are unique and rather unusual wedding decorations, and are made by just bundling a few thin branches or twigs together and placing them in a vase of your choice. Wedding trees can be used on the floor, as centerpieces and can even be decorated with lights, ornaments and photos.


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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