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Wedding Ice Sculptures

Wedding Ice Sculptures
Wedding Ice Sculptures
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All you need to know about Wedding Ice Sculptures

So everything is set for your perfect day- wedding venue booked, theme chosen, and decorations ordered, but somehow you think the event might be missing something to make it super memorable. Ice sculptures add much needed elegance to any wedding, and we’ve got the inside scoop on seven reasons to having your own on your special day:

Creating a focal point- Wedding ice sculptures are truly magnificent creations that your guests will certainly find intriguing and unique while creating a focal point for your design theme. People of all ages are always curious to find out as much as they possibly can about these sculptures including how they are made, how they work and there is absolutely no doubting the fact that it will be the primary if not the only topic of discussion for days after your wedding day.

Great centerpiece- Ice sculptures are ideal for brides who want to avoid a traditional wedding specifically a conventional wedding cake. It is just a perfect feature on a buffet table and mini versions can be placed in the centre of every table. Ice sculpture incorporation in your theme is also very easy as sculptures are available in both clear and colored ice.  Lit versions are also a mere request away.

Super entertaining- Want to keep your guests busy while you are taking wedding photos?  Have an ice sculpture carved on site. It is however important to keep in mind that on-site creations will not last as long as those made well in advance due to the fact that last mentioned are hardened in the freezer.

Luxury item - Ice sculptures are considered costly luxury item while in actual fact when your look into the actual expense of ice sculptures you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they add more bang to your buck.

Lasting impression- Contrary to popular belief ice sculptures will not melt after an hour or two after the reception has started. In actual fact, an ice sculpture can last for up to eight hours indoors and three hours outdoors.  It is thus important to check that your sculptures have built in drip trays as well as a drainage system to avoid puddles on the venue floor.

Personalized style- Wedding ice sculptures are a direct reflection of your style and taste.  You should thus ensure that whatever personalized design you decide upon include kissing doves, a cupid, or a bride and groom figure, fits your preferences to a t. Some couples even make an ice sculpture the central feature of their wedding theme.

Incorporation of significant objects- Think ice sculptures are stark and boring?  Never!  An innovative and well trained sculptor can incorporate any item including wedding decorations such as flowers and balloons or objects with special significance into the design without any mess or fuss.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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