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How to light up your wedding venue

How to light up your wedding venue
How to light up your wedding venue
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The Inside scoop on lighting your wedding reception...

It’s a fact that even the most exquisite wedding can be totally ruined by incorrect lighting; especially harsh white or yellow overhead lighting. If you are hosting a day wedding, the venue lights might be the last thing to consider, but if it’s a rainy day or your reception is held during the evening, you will need to pay very close attention to all the lighting options the venue has to offer.  If you are unhappy with the lighting provided, or you just prefer to add an entirely different dimension to your wedding decor, check out our inside scoop on lighting your wedding reception.

Modern lighting- Colored mood lights are currently highly fashionable and work great for those hiring a modern, minimalist location decorated with a neutral color scheme. It’s a super idea to light your whole venue in one color, and change color according to the stages of the wedding. You could opt for green in the drinks reception area, yellow for dinner, red for the cake cutting, and blue for the dancing.
Another modern lighting idea for contemporary wedding is internal table lighting. A conventional white light is positioned under the table, and colored cloths used to change the light, or vice versa. If you don’t want all your tables to light up, simply use cocktail tables with lights installed for your drinks reception.

Vintage lighting- Looking for true vintage glam?  Nothing on earth beats a glass chandelier above each table. It’s important to check well in advance whether you are allowed to temporarily install chandeliers and if the space in your venue limits you to just one chandelier in the middle of the room or above the top table.
Depending on your theme you can choose vintage lamps to match. If it’s a 1960’s inspired theme lava lamps or rotaflex lampshades are ideal, while orange, yellow, and brown lamp shades in geometric patterns are a must for a 1970’s wedding theme.

Romantic lighting- Want to add romance to the atmosphere?  Nothing beats the soft glow of candle light and loads of brides opt for candles as a simple and inexpensive way to light up their wedding venue.

Candles can be used for centerpieces if grouped together in many different colors or shapes, or when placed in storm lanterns. They can also incorporate into flower arrangements or floated on water. Add both scent and light to the venue by using scented candles.

Outdoor lighting- Proper lighting is of utmost importance for any outdoor wedding that will go on into the early hours of the morning.  Outdoor lighting is also an effective way to decorating your venue cheaply and easily. Citronella candles have the added benefit of keeping mosquito’s and other bugs at bay, and can be placed in lanterns so that the wind doesn’t blow them out.  If you prefer a dramatic edge to your special occasion flaming torches on long poles are a must and look fantastic at the venue entrance.
Check the rules and regulations at your venue as some spots may not allow open flames, especially during summer if there many trees in the area. Opt for outdoor fairy lights as they are equally charming, especially if they are positioned creatively in trees and bushes. Fairy lights can be used in general to highlight any outstanding venue feature, including arch and pathways.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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