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How to create ambience at a wedding

How to create ambience at a wedding
How to create ambience at a wedding
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All you need to know about lighting your wedding reception

It is a fact like no other that the fanciest, most expensive wedding can be entirely ruined by the wrong light; especially sharp crisp white or yellow overhead lighting. Venue lighting is most probably the last thing on your mind if you are throwing a day do, but if it is an overcast day or your reception is held at night, you will need to check and re-check all of your venues’ lighting options.  If you are not entirely satisfied with the lighting options on offer at the venue or just want to add a different dimension to the decor, you need to have a look at our guide on all you need to know about lighting your wedding reception.

The modern option- Multi-colored mood lights are so fashionable and work well with exquieite modern bridal venues with boring, all natural color schemes. You merely need to light the whole venue in one color, and alter colors in accordance with the stages of the very special occasion. Go for yellow in the reception area, pink for dinner, green for the cake cutting, and purple for the dance floor.
If you need a modern lighting concept for a contemporary wedding theme, internal table lighting is perfect. An ordinary white light is placed under every table, and colored cloths used to change the light, or colored lights with white cloths. If you don’t want all your tables lit, simply get lights installed in cocktail tables for your drinks reception area.

Vintage options- Vintage options are absolute endless when it comes to wedding lighting, the most popular of course being a glass chandelier above every table. Please remember to check with venue management well in advance to whether temp chandelier installation will be allowed and if the space in the venue limits you to a single chandelier either in the middle of the room or above the top table.
A grand selection of vintages lamps are available to pick and choose from depending on your theme and its decade. Lava lamps or rotaflex lampshades are highly recommended for 60’s inspired weddings, while orange, yellow, and brown lamp shades in all kinds of geometric patterns are perfect for a 70’s theme.

Romantic lighting options- The subtle glow of candle light is a must for romantic ambience and tons of brides opt for this lighting option due to the fact that it’s simple yet beautiful and inexpensive.

Different colored and shaped candles can be grouped together to form an exquisite centerpiece, or just placed in conventional storm lanterns. Candles are also easily incorporate into arrangements as well as floated on water. Both fragrance and light can be added to a venue with the use of scented candles.

Outdoor lighting options- Decent lighting is essential for an outdoor wedding that will go late night.  Outdoor lighting is also a great means to decorating your reception venue easily at a fraction of the expense. Use citronella candles to keep mosquito’s and other insects away and placed in eye-catching lanterns so that the wind doesn’t blow them out.  A flaming torch or two in a long pole gives a dramatic edge to your special event and look plain super at venue entrances.
It is however recommended that you check venue rules and regulations first as some locations prohibit open flames, especially during warm, summer months when many trees are growing in the area. Special outdoor fairly lights are so charming, especially if creatively positioned in and around trees and scrubs. Fairy lights can also be used in to highlight any special venue features such as arch and pathways.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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