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Cheap Wedding Ideas for your special day

Cheap Wedding Ideas for your special day
Cheap Wedding Ideas for your special day
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A wedding ceremony is a glorious celebration of the union of two souls for the rest of eternity. Marriage is a holy matrimony that should be respected and celebrated by the bride and groom to the fullest as it is a life long union. Most weddings are planned with the help of a professional wedding planner or party organizer as they will handle all the chaos in planning your wedding while you breathe a sigh or relief. However this piece of mind you get from these professional party planners wont come cheap. They charge a heft amount of money for their services and if you are on a strict budget, like most people are, then you cannot afford to waste your money on a wedding planner. Instead you should opt to decorate the entire wedding from start to finish yourself using some tips and tricks we will mention. We will also help you in choosing some really helpful and cheap supplies and tell you how best to use them to make your wedding a truly unforgettable event. 

Lets start off with the ceremony and how you can decorate it. The venue for your wedding ceremony can be a church or any other place you want it to be. For people who are more in to the traditional aspect of a wedding you can choose a church for your wedding. On the other hand if you're more modern and want an elegant and trendy wedding ceremony you can use any location you want such as a beach, banquet hall etc. The venue is totally up to you and to decorate it you can use some amazing white frangipani style fairy lights around the alter or gazebo if you wish to use one. 

After the ceremony you can make a dramatic exit from the venue using our beautiful flying doves. These are not actual live doves but instead are biodegradable balloons that you can fill up with helium and set free right at the moment you and you wife/husband exit the venue for the reception. These dove balloons are different from conventional helium balloons as they look very much like white doves as they fly softly up in the sky. The plus point is that they are environmentally friendly  and very easy to inflate. These balloons are made of a cutting edge special material which when exposed to water, CO2 and plants they will safely decompose. For a dramatic and breath taking effect you can release a large quantity of these balloons in to the air. 

At your reception party to make the stage look like its straight out of a fairytale you can use our amazing  LED dazzle light to make a gorgeous backdrop. This amazing products will definitely give your reception that "wow" factor as it creates a dramatic waterfall effect. The LED dazzle light boasts more than 600 lights which can be controlled with regards to the number of times they should flash and twinkle. However, a word of advise when using this amazing product is that it runs on electricity and involves a lot of wiring so it would be best if you use this product indoors instead of outdoors. If  you are certain that there will be no rain on the day of your wedding through a weather forecast then you can use these lights out doors. 

Now we can focus on other forms of decorations such as table decorations. To create centerpieces for your tables you can use our gorgeous giant martini vases which can be decorated using flowers or even other items of your choice. This vase is 50cm in height and has a 26cm diameter opening on the top. Most people like to use flowers to decorate their centerpieces but that can prove to be quite costly. Instead you can use some of our decorating items such as decorative water crystals. These decorative water crystals are very easy to use and you will be able to prepare your centerpieces on a budget and that to in a matter of minutes. To make these crystals look even more beautiful you can use a submersible LED light with them. 

At the end of the day a wedding is supposed to be a day of celebration and joy so in order to rid yourself of all the stresses of planning a wedding on a budget try to order all the necessary supplies 3 - 4 weeks before the actual event. 


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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