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How to do your makeup at your wedding

How to do your makeup at your wedding
How to do your makeup at your wedding
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Top secrets to perfect Wedding Makeup

Exquisite wedding makeup completes the look-   There is no doubt that on such a special day, such as a wedding,  women prefer to have an entirely different look in terms of their makeup scheme than what they are use to everyday.  Some may however be worried about getting it wrong and ending up looking like a clown.  Calling in the assistance of a pro makeup artist, will gives brides peace of mind that their wedding makeup combination will match their skin tone and wedding style.  This is of course of utmost importance when it comes to your wedding photos.

Booking a wedding makeup artist-  Start your search for the right  wedding makeup artist at least five months before your special day.  Remember to book him or her for both for the wedding day itself and for a trial run about three months beforehand. Try to have your hair and makeup trials on exactly the same day as this will help you get this full picture of what to expect and how you will look on your wedding day.
If your wedding budget allows it, the makeup artist can also be booked for bridesmaids and mothers-in-law.  A trial session is however just necessary for the bride.
Picking the right wedding makeup artist-  While chatting to makeup artists and deciding which one to use, you will be surprise to find that the questions they ask you are a lot more important than the ones you are asking.  Their questions will range from the lighting used at the ceremony and reception, what the venue type is, wedding dress and theme colors to hairstyle you have chosen.
A good candidate for the position should preferably have extensive knowledge about a wide range of styles and should be prepared to listen to your needs, while making suggestions if they are of the option that a certain style may not suit you or your wedding theme.
During the trail run, it’s recommended that you try a couple of different looks just to make sure you get exactly what you want, rather than merely settling for the first. If you aren’t satisfied with trial results, either make another booking with relevant artists or find an entirely different one.

Top beauty tips-  Always pick make-up colors that match your complexion to a t. Brunettes look best in shades of plum, cream and gold, while blondes should go for cool shades such as lavender, blue-grey and teal. Peach, grey or moss greens are a must for redheads.

Everyone knows that brides love to cry on their special day, so if you don’t want to look like a panda, top quality eye make-up that’s preferably waterproof needs to be applied. Waterproof mascara can double up as waterproof liquid eyeliner; merely dip an eyeliner brush in the mascara tube.
Want to make any serious changes to your skin care and beauty routine?  It’s recommended that you do so at least a month before the actual day of the wedding. Getting a facial or using a new beauty product shortly before the wedding can potentially result in break-outs which will be super ill timed.

The perfect complexion will call for a lot more than a mere good foundation. Wedding planning stress and anxiety often causes breakouts, so take a break to relax and pamper yourself. Drink lots of water or fruit shakes, and cut back on the amount of coffee and alcohol you take in. Remember to cleansing and moisturizing every day, starting several weeks before the wedding of course.

Fifties glamour is the in thing- Wondering what’s the latest wedding makeup trend this season?  The answer is quite simply- Fifties, Hollywood glam. Eye makeup is elegant in soft shades with several coats of mascara, and maybe a pair of false eyelashes.

Lips should be lined for optimum fullness, and lipstick topped with a smudge of gloss preferably something shimmery. Red is a must in terms of lip color, but if you feel a little overwhelmed by the color, ask your makeup artist to recommend a shade that will match your skin tone

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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