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Bridal Shower Planning tips and ideas

Bridal Shower Planning tips and ideas
Bridal Shower Planning tips and ideas
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To host and plan a bridal shower all by yourself for a sister or best friend is a very rewarding thing as you will be making the bride to be's last night as a single woman very special. To most people hosting and planning a bridal shower from scratch can seem like a very daunting task as many of you might not have ever hosted such a party or any party for that matter. Hence we are here to offer you some really helpful advise with regards to decorations and some nifty ideas which you can use to make this party very memorable for the bride to be. For most bridal showers the bride and her friends go out to nightclubs and bars and enjoy themselves with a night full of fun and heavy drinking. But this is not necessary as people have different personalities and hence you can have a bridal shower at home or at some venue the bride will like. 

Now lets get started with the bridal shower party decorations. You do not need over the top decorations for a bridal shower party and hence we would advise you to keep it simple and only use a few Chinese paper lanterns. We have Chinese paper lanterns in a variety of shapes which you can choose from to best suit any theme you have incorporated in to the bridal shower. We also have these Chinese paper lanterns in a variety of colors to choose from. We would advise you to use the traditional round Chinese paper lanterns as they look more beautiful and we have these lanterns in a huge variety of colors and even patterns. All you have to do is simply add a single white LED light in to these lanterns and they will give off a beautiful dull glow. 

Now lets focus on the drinks you will have to serve at the party and how best to serve them. A great product to use at the party can be a cocktail fountain. This gorgeous cocktail fountain is a stylish alternative to your everyday punch bowl and will be the talking point of your party. You can fill this fountain with margaritas or other mixed cocktails for an exciting evening. This amazing fountain holds about five litres of your favorite beverage and is powered by an electrical motor which ensures a constant flow of liquid over the sides of each tier and creating a beautiful, streaming waterfall-like effect. Drinking cups are included and make it easy for all your guests to serve themselves. Crafted from heavy-duty plastic and cut to look just like real glass, your party fountain is sturdy, quality made, and dishwasher safe. If you really want to create a stunning affect mix in several drops of food coloring with your beverage to wow your guests.

You can even serve daiquiris at the bridal shower. For this purpose you can buy a daiquiri maker. This impressive daiquiri maker ha a powerful driven motor which is needed to create the perfect slush of ice. Some people try to use blenders and smoothie makers to create daiquiris but most cannot create the consistency which is required to create the perfect daiquiri cocktail. This Party Daiquiri Maker will also make approximately 3 delicious daiquiris each minute. We recommend our daiquiri cocktail mixes to create the perfect tasting daiquiri.

To serve these cocktails and daiquiris you can use our amazing flashing margarita glasses. These amazing glasses will definitely brighten up the venue as they can flash in 7 different colors. These glasses are made of heavy duty plastic so there is no chance of them breaking that easily if they fall and another plus point is that they are cheaper than real glasses. 

Now that you have all the party decorations and supplies taken care off you can get some fun items which can make the whole bridal shower more fun. You can get your bride to be a bachelorette sash. This will distinguish the bride t be from every one else. 

Another great product you can purchase just for fun is the essential hens night kit. This kit is all your bride to be will need to celebrate her last night as a single woman.  The Hens Night Kit comes in a cool tin and includes a unique shooting confetti tubes, I’m the bride badge, Learners plate, handcuffs and morning after eye mask.

Lastly you should be sure to order all your supplies before hand so that your not faced with any last minute hassles. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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