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Decorating your wedding table

Decorating your wedding table
Decorating your wedding table
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Elements to consider when picking Wedding Table Decorations

Excited to get started on your wedding table decorations?  It’s important that due consideration first be given to the dining tables if you really want to make a lasting impression on your guests especially upon arrival.  In order to achieve this you’ll need to make your selection very carefully. A few essential elements need to be taking into account to create a wedding table that’s not only beautiful but also unique.  We have got the best inside scoop on the entire World Wide Web to four of these elements:

The Centerpiece- Have you decided to go for a traditional table layout consisting of multiple tables seating eight or more guests?  If so, you will be required to get a focal point or centerpiece for every table. If you are a bride who prefers a contemporary look, you should opt for centerpieces that vary but still follow the same color or theme. A popular choice is centerpieces made from different materials but of a similar color, or flowers arranged at different heights.

Flower arrangements are the number one and most preferred form of centerpiece, either made from fresh or artificial flowers.  Your options are however absolutely endless. Candles also make for super centerpieces and can be grouped at varying heights to add a touch of light and beauty to every table. Floating tea lights in bowls of water, balloons and wedding theme cupcakes are also a great choice.

Luxury Table Linen- Traditional weddings call for traditional wedding table linen in shades of off-white, cream, beige and ivory in order to provide a blank, neutral backdrop for bright flowers and decor. While patterned table linen in striking colors with simple accessories is a definite must for brides who are dead set on a contemporary yet classy look for their special day.

Wedding Tables are an important part of the venue to decorate to make any event memorable!

If you plan to have more than two tables, opt for colored table cloths in different shades of your wedding theme color scheme.  This will give a warm and inviting effect. If you find the various colors overwhelming, rather use runners in your choice of color available at local retailers or make your own from the exact same material as bridesmaids’ gowns.

Table confetti- Looking to add loads of magic and a hint of sparkle to your tables?  Confetti is ideal! Traditional paper confetti is a possible option, but will cause messy headaches if any drinks are spilt. Rather invest in metallic confetti in various designs including stars and hearts.
The use of crystal in all aspects of your wedding is super fashionable not to mention eye-catching.  You merely need to add a few crystals to every table and you’re done. For a romantic alternative, dried rose petals can be scattered on tables to complement wedding theme colors and flowers.

Place settings- In order to create unique decorative place settings, different elements need to be combined carefully to each setting such as place names, serviette rings and unique glassware. It is important to consider the style, colors, and overall effect you want to create before you actually place an order.

A couple of questions to ask yourself in terms of place settings include: Do you want designs such as flowers, symbols or initials to run through the place settings? Prefer a modern or vintage feeling? Looking to add entirely personalize settings with for example guest photos or do you just want all settings to match?


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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