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Finding a wedding reception venue

Finding a wedding reception venue
Finding a wedding reception venue
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Locating A Wedding Reception Venue

The venue for your wedding reception will be the most important decision that you make for this special day. In order to make sure that you have the atmosphere you want and give your guests the lasting memories they will treasure, it will be necessary to do some careful research and planning. Following a few simple steps will help you to get the perfect venue for your event.

Location - The location you select must be carefully considered. If you are going to have guests coming from out-of-town, you will want to be sure that there are accommodations near the venue. You will also want to consider the travel time from the church to the venue. If you are planning your wedding when there may be inclimate weather, be sure that you select a venue that can be moved in doors. It will also be important to find a venue that meets your budget and has the amenities that you want.

Size - A room may look very large. However, when there are tables, dance floor, podium, or stage added, the size is greatly diminished. When you are considering the room of a venue, ask the venue coordinator to see pictures of the room furnished and with guests in it. This will give you a good idea of the actual room size you will need for your event.

Privacy - If your reception is in a public area, you will not have the same level of privacy that is available with a private venue. In addition, parking in a public area such as botanical gardens may be very difficult for your attendees. Take into consideration how much privacy you want for your event and keep your search limited to those types of venues that can provide you with the privacy you want.

Decor - An empty room can be very expensive to decorate for a themed wedding. There are venues that have window and wall treatments that will accommodate specific themes. If you are planning a themed event on a budget, narrow your search to those venues that provide the decor you want for a low fee. When you work with the venue, they will set up and remove the decor for your event and you will not have to worry about set-up or clean-up.

Lighting - Some venues will provide mood lighting for your event. They will have the lighting match your theme or the colors for your event. In other cases, you may find the perfect venue that does not have lighting options. If this is the case, you will want to contact a lighting professional who can bring in the type of lighting that you want. Lighting is critical for an evening event and you will want to take time to consider all of the options for your lighting and special effects. If you are planning on having lit candles at the venue, be sure to talk to the venue coordinator about the policy for candles.

Views - If you event is going to be held overlooking a beautiful landscape, it will be important that your location have windows that provide a view. When you want to bring the outdoors into your event, having French doors that open onto a patio area can provide you with the spectacular views your guests will remember.

Amenities - The location of the bathrooms, handicapped ramps for your challenged guests, availability of parking and valet service, and power outlets to the room will all be important considerations when selecting your venue. You will also want to find out what the extra fees are for using electronic equipment or power outlets. Some venues charge for this amenity.

Acoustics -  When you are planning on music for your event, the room that you select should have good acoustics. If the room is empty and you stand in the middle, have a friend at the door talk and you will be able to determine how sound flows in the room. Rooms that are completely closed may have bounce-back when loud music is played, so be sure there are vents and doors in the room that can be opened to carry sound from the stage or area where the DJ or band will be located.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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