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Selecting a Wedding Reception Venue

Selecting a Wedding Reception Venue
Selecting a Wedding Reception Venue
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Selecting A Wedding Reception Venue

The venue that is selected for a wedding reception will make the wedding a lasting memory for you and your guests. Therefore, it will be important that you take time to find the perfect venue for your event. When you are deciding on the venue, there will be some factors you will want to consider before committing to the location.

Location of the venue - It is important to thing about two things when deciding on the location for your event. Does the venue fit your theme? and, Will your guests be able to get to the venue easily? Finding the perfect location that is several hours away from your wedding will make it difficult for your guests to get there easily. Parking is an important consideration as well as nearby accommodations for your out-of-town guests. The cost of venues vary greatly, so narrow your search to venues that are within the budget you have set.

Size of the venue - Rooms look very large when they are empty so asking the venue coordinator for pictures of the room when it is furnished and there are people in it will give you a good idea of the actual size of the venue you are looking at. To determine the proper size of a venue, consider the 3-foot rule. The personal space of most people is 3-feet, and a venue that does not provide for the personal space of each guest will be too small.

Privacy - If your event is going to take place in a public area such as a zoo, botanical garden, or beach, you will not have the privacy that would be available in a venue that private area for events. While a public area may afford a unique environment for your event, you will need to plan on people wandering through the event, noise, and strangers who may pop into the event.

Decor for your event - Some venues provide different decor for events based on the theme or colors that are being used. This is often much less expensive than trying to decorate a location yourself. Talk to the venue coordinator about the options for decorating the room and the extra costs involved for set-up and clean-up.

Extra lighting - Most people want to have mood lighting, candles, and special effects at their event. The venue may offer these amenities as part of their services. If not, you will want to find a lighting professional who can accompany you to the potential venue and determine if the lighting you want can be done in the location.

Room lay-out - If you are at a location that has beautiful scenery, gardens, and landscapes, it will be important that the room you are in have easy access to these areas and windows that overlook the beauty. There should be French doors leading to a patio that your guests can easily access throughout the event.

Coordinating your services - Before committing, have your caterer visit the location to assure they have an area to set up and the proper equipment. You will also want to make sure that the venue has easy access to bathrooms, parking and valet services available, and handicapped ramps for your disabled guests.

Sound system check - The venue coordinator will be able to tell you about the acoustics in the room when it is furnished. They will also provide you with the venue's policy regarding DJs, bands, etc. You will also want to have your DJ visit the venue to make sure there are enough electrical outlets, etc., for their equipment and determine where the best place to set up will be.


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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