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How to design your dream theme for your wedding

How to design your dream theme for your wedding
How to design your dream theme for your wedding
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 How to achieve your dream theme for your wedding?

Gone are the days for the mere saying of ‘I do’s’ and ‘dining at the reception’ for weddings. Now, most brides take their time thinking for the themes of their wedding. But there’s always a big question of how to achieve the theme that you have long been envisioning?

Here are simple suggestions that will help you accomplish the theme that you want for your big day:

Get dressed, look good, and feel good.

Your wedding gown and the gowns of your whole entourage (bride’s maids, maid of honour, flower girls, ring bearers, etc.) can set the theme for your wedding. For example for fantasy-themed wedding, you can have your flower girls parade down the aisle with their specially made up wings or wands along with their flower baskets and the bride’s maids wearing gowns that look like the gowns of Cinderella and/or Snow White. For beach wedding, female members of the entourage can wear light and flowery dresses, flowers on their hair and beach sandals while male members of the entourage can wear light or white shirts/polos, and shorts and sandals. For country-themed weddings, members of the entourage will have the mandatory cowboy hats, then paired with checkered tops or cowboy boots.       

Table set-ups set the mood.

Wedding receptions’ centre pieces and table arrangements always set the mood that help achieve the desire theme for the wedding. Centre pieces don’t need to be extravagant or expensive. Resourcefulness combined with creativity is always the key. Example, for a garden wedding, flowers from your own garden to adorn each and every table while making sure that the tables and chairs are arranged in a comfortable set up where everyone can talk and mingle with each other, since most garden weddings are normally for intimate friends and relatives of the couples. Another example is a valentine themed wedding where red wines, chocolates and/or heart shaped candies can be set up on every table. There’s another option of setting up a special table for sweets where candies, cakes, jelly beans, chocolates and what nots are can be enjoyed by all the guests.

Photos are for keeps.

Having photo booths is the trend among many events nowadays, much more if it is a wedding. Photo booths can also help achieve the desired theme for the wedding. Like for example destination weddings, photo booth set ups can have flags or pictures or any stuff that can be associated to a particular place or country (e.g. picture of Eiffel tower for Paris, didgeridoo for Australia, conical Asian hats for Vietnam, and some known costumes like those for Mexico and Hawaii). Hollywood themed weddings can have photo booths with props such as wigs, shades or eye glasses wears and even costumes that can be easily identified with some famous Hollywood personalities.

                Music never misses a beat.

                Music from the 80’s, the 60’s, 70’s or whatever era is always a good way to set up a time-related theme. For instance, a couple born during the 80s wanting a 1980-inspired wedding can play music in the church and during the reception all songs that were released during the 80’s. Country-themed wedding can have country songs all throughout the event. Rock music enthusiasts can have rock songs for the wedding and so on. Indeed, music never fails to set the theme for weddings. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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