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Hints for finding the right wedding day music

Hints for finding the right wedding day music
Hints for finding the right wedding day music
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Hints For Finding the Right Wedding Day Music


Wedding day music is very important and should be chosen carefully.  This element of the wedding day is often considered one of the most important as it often sets the tone and mood for the entire event.  With the right selection it can either have people on their feet participating or create a romantic atmosphere perfect for those interludes that are too few and far between for many couples.


Because of the age variance between wedding guests at individual events, different styles are often preferred that reflect the interests of the group in attendance.  Choosing music that is acceptable and enjoyed by all is sometimes difficult, but as a rule of thumb ensuring there is something for everyone will help guests maximize their enjoyment during the event.  Many mix romantic ballads with the latest commercial tunes in order to fulfill the requirements of those in attendance as well as the couple themselves.


One of the most important parts of a successful wedding day is the DJ, singer, or musicians.  One of their roles is to make things flow harmoniously.  To be sure things will go smoothly they must be booked early.  A deposit is often made at that time and it is important to receive a copy of a contract signed that binds both parties to the time and day of the wedding.  Many are also asked to serve as master of ceremonies.  This should also be specified in the contract.  It will be your duty to check for adequate power sources and the location where the band is to perform as well as to provide a list of preferred songs as well.  If special music is requested there may be an additional charge so checking this in advance is important.

Music is very important during the wedding ceremony as well.  Prior to the appearance of the bride it is customary to have soft, romantic music played.  This makes a very good impression as guests are entering and sets a romantic mood for the wedding.  This can include a piano, DJ, or instrumental group but, whichever is used it should have a soothing sound.  If in a church, be sure to inquire if a certain type of music is required.


The music played at the reception can vary from fast music for dancing to romantic ballads or soothing jazz while eating.  Whatever is chosen it should reflect the theme of the occasion and bring pleasure for all in attendance.  This is the time for the bride and groom to share their favorite songs as well as show their appreciation to guests for sharing in their joyous day.

It has become more and more popular to hire a DJ to play CD's at a wedding rather than hire a band and live entertainment due to the fact the selection is often wider.  This has proven to be a great money saver as well as giving you a bigger choice of what is played and when.  In addition, the music can be played continually, without a break, and no worry that the music will not be executed properly.  There is no worry about where to locate the band, when to feed them, and how to keep guests entertained during breaks.  In order to ensure that the wedding day goes perfectly, don't forget the importance of the music.


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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