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How to write the contents of your wedding invitation

How to write the contents of your wedding invitation
How to write the contents of your wedding invitation
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With hundreds of ideas available now in prints and on various websites on how to plan a wedding, sometimes, even creating a simple item such as the wedding invites suddenly becomes challenging. 


What to put? How to start? What words are appropriate to use? Is there any particular rule with regards to wedding invites? These are just some of the questions that normally pop in to the soon-to-be brides especially if they are hands-on with the whole wedding preparation. Here are some quick tips and samples of doing your wedding invites:
Go for traditional
Going traditional is always the safest option for the wedding invites. It gives a complete idea of who’s getting married, where and when it will be held, the reception venue and sometimes even the list of the full entourage (from flower girls, to ring and bible bearers to the sponsors’ list) is included and normally located at the second page of the invite.
Sample style, showing the soon-to-be-married couple as the host:
We, Marie and Josh, cordially invite you to witness our wedding that will be on …
Marie Whyte and Josh Fisher request the honour of your presence at their marriage on 
The second option of traditional wedding invite is done by having the parents of the bride and groom as hosts. Example is:
Mr. and Mrs. John Whyte and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fisher invite you to share in the ceremony uniting their children Marie Whyte to Josh Edward on … at …
Mr and Mrs. John Whyte and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fisher request the honour of your presence to witness the marriage of Marie and Josh on …
Make it a surprise and secretive
Surprise or secretive wedding invitations are normally used by celebrities who don’t want any media or paparazzi to cover the event. But celebrity or not, you can also use this style to add more variety and excitement to your wedding.
Some text examples of this type of wedding invites are:
1. Can you keep a secret? Please do and you’ll be in for a once in a lifetime event! 
So dress up and wear some blings … see you at (then give the date and place where your wedding will be held)
Then at the bottom of the page are initials or the names of the soon-to-be-bride and groom.
2. Come and join us on a getaway. We will meet you at exactly (give exact date and time)… at … (location of the wedding or the meeting area, if there’s a need for a bus or any ride that will bring the group of invitees to a particular location)
At the bottom part of the page:
Sssshhh, just keep this to yourself please…
And oh, don’t forget to bring some togs (if this is a beach wedding) 
Wear something blue (to denote the colour motif)  
Again, after that the initials or names of the soon-to-be-bride and groom.
Be more descriptive through quotes and emotions.
Wedding invites can be designed to be a little expressive of the bride and groom’s feelings.
Some example of this kind of wedding invites:
This day I will marry my best friend , the one I will share more laughs and love … 
We, Marie Whyte and John Fisher, invite you to join us as we begin our new life together
on …
Two lives, two hearts, linked together in friendship united forever in love…
It’s with joy and pride that we, Marie and Josh invite you to witness us as we exchange our marriage vows on  …
With the samples cited above, I hope you are already getting the idea that there’s no rule and there’s no right or wrong about the wedding invite. As long as you are getting married, and that you want your families and friends to witness this momentous day then you are doing exactly the right thing, however you make your invitation. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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