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Wedding Stationery

Wedding Stationery
Wedding Stationery
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How to Get Creative with Wedding Stationery

 Granted that you may have already bought the nicest looking stationery that you will use for your wedding invites Here are some tips that will get your creative hands working:

 Achieve the vintage effect:
Do you want to have a vintage-looking invites? There are two ways you can do with wedding stationery. You can either dip the stationery in coffee or burn the sides of the paper itself. Make sure that you print the text contents on the wedding stationery first before doing either one of the two methods stated.
You can paste glitters, Swarovski or any other glittery material on your wedding stationery or even on the envelop. This will help achieve that classy and elegant effect which is becoming a very popular effect lately.
Attached personal  pictures:
You can make the stationery look like a page of your personal scrapbook where you will put pictures of you and your partner highlighting your special moments together. The pictures will signify the reasons why you, as a couple, are now moving to this next chapter of your life together, as husband and wife.
Cut out pictures:
If personal pictures is not your cup of tea, then you may paste cut out pictures from newspapers or magazines. Pictures may reveal you and your partner’s future plans together. It may be pictures of places you want to visit together, style of house you want to own in the future, type of business you and your partner would want to invest in the future etc. 
If you want your wedding stationery to look as simple as it is, then you can add one minor detail which is a personalized wax stamp, which will also help keep the stationery folded. The wax stamp may contain you and your partner’s initial or the first letters of your names.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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