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7 mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding

7 mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding
7 mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding
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7 Mistakes to avoid when planning a wedding

Planning a wedding??  Make sure you read this --->

Whether you are the one getting married or you have been asked to act as the wedding planner, you should take note of these mistakes to make sure that you avoid them..

1. Remember to keep the husband-to-be informed..

Sure, the bride-to-bes are always the busy bees when it comes to wedding planning. They are usually the ones who have clear picture as to how the wedding would look like and what can be expected. But this doesn’t mean that the grooms need not know the details of the wedding. 
Contrary to what some people think, men loved being involved. They like being asked even if it is about the smallest detail of a wedding, much more if it is their very own wedding. 
It also helps when booking suppliers that they know what arrangements have been made.Often couples will think something hasn't been booked and then make different arrangements when one part of the couple have allready booked a supplier.

2. Do not forget to check weather reports 

Admit it or not, weddings can be dependent on the weather. Outdoor weddings (like garden, beach side or poolside weddings) may not be really successful if it will be done during rainy seasons. Generally the best months for weather to get married in Australia is September - November. Cheaper rates from suppliers can be found outside of these times though.

3. Try to stay within budget.

Yes, this may be a once-in-a-lifetime event. And yes, you may have been dreaming for this wedding all your life. But these are not enough reasons for you to go beyond the financial limit that you and your partner have set. Always remember that your wedding day represents just one day of the ceremony, what matters most is what happens after that day.  
4. Remember to relax.. 

Despite all the stress you had to face days or months before the wedding, never let all these make you look tired and worn out on your very special day. Make sure you’ll have ample sleep the night before. Indulge yourself with some pampering – visit a spa or a massage parlour - to make your face and body relax.

5. Do not force yourself to do everything all by yourself

Even super heroes get a little help from time to time. So superwoman or not, you are allowed to ask for assistance, may it be from your siblings, parents or friends. or better yet, there are suppliers, wedding organizers and other organizations which you can contract with to help you plan for your wedding.

6. Never forget to show your appreciation to your guests

Your guests are there not just for the food they are to partake but because they want to witness and celebrate with you. They exerted effort, time and probably money just to be with you on your wedding day, and so it is just right to let them know how you appreciate their presence. This is actually the foremost reason why it is important to have wedding favours. Wedding favours are part of the wedding details which are actually focused on the guests and not on the couple about to get married. 

7. Never underestimate the guests food capacity

It is always better to have more food than leaving some guests unfed or not satisfied with the amount of food served to them. Any celebration can always be associated to food and/or eating. Thus to ensure that your guests will all have a happy tummy, make sure that enough amount of food will be served. 

To avoid any possible trouble when it comes to food, having RSVP is highly suggested as this will give you clear idea on the amount and kind of food to serve.  

P.S know someone planning a wedding?? Make sure they see this! It's important!! --->

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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