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Princess party ornaments

Princess party ornaments
Princess party ornaments
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If you’re planning to celebrate you little girl’s birthday then you probably know that many little girls will choose to have a princess birthday party. Planning your own princess party at home is easy and quite affordable, especially if you are hosting it at your own home. A princess party can be appropriate for girls from ages 2 to 8, depending upon personality and tastes.

To make your little princesses party a ragging success you will need to invite all her close friends to the party. To do this you will need to make invitations for your princess’s birthday party. In the invitation you should provide all the party information and encourage your guests to come in their royal finery. To keep your invitations in line with the theme you could choose a calligraphy-style font and print the party invitation landscape style on parchment paper. Next you should decorate your invitations with stamps and roll each invitation into a scroll and tie it with a ribbon.

Now lets start thinking about decorating ideas, as every princess who is celebrating her birthday deserves a venue to fit the theme.  To start off you will need lots and lots of balloon. This is mainly because you are planning a child’s birthday party and no such birthday party is complete without balloons no matter what the theme is. You can choose to use regular helium filled balloons or link-o-loons. Link-o-loons specially made 30cm latex balloons with a very important difference which is it unique elongated tail. This tail helps tie the balloons to one another to create arches, sound shells, self-supporting columns, corrals, balloon wall curtains, 3 dimensional mirror balls, dance floor canopies, circles, diamonds, cubes, squares, stars and even sculptures. Each pack comes with 50 link-o-loons and since your hosting a princess themed birthday party you should use fuchsia link-o-loons

Besides the link-o-loons you will of course need regular helium filled balloons as well to make the party come alive. You can easily fill in the balloons with helium yourself if you are not in the mood to or simply cant afford to hire a professional to do so. All you need to do is by our buy our helium tack and balloon kit. This tank can fill 30 x 9 inch balloons in the kit OR 16 x 11inch balloons OR 16 x 18 inch foil balloons OR 2 x 36 inch foil balloons. The manufacturer quotes a float time of approximately5 to 7 hours for 9-inch balloons and 4 days for 18inch foil balloons. It is quite portable and easy to use and you can use it on other future events as well.

To make your little girl feel like a real princes in front of all her friends on her special day you can even get her a special princess birthday sash. This will make her feel like a true princess for the day. This beautiful black satin Princess birthday sash has “Birthday Princess” written on it in silver sparkling writing and Happy Birthday in Diamantes. 

Other great products to use to make the party feel true to the princess theme are products like the ice palace mold.  This is basically a mold that you can use to create a castle in bits. You can then use these tiny bits of castle in drinks and pitchers and they will look amazing. You can serve all your guests will a castle in it and the children at the party will surely appreciate the creativity. Even your little princess will enjoy drinking a cold refreshing drink with a castle shaped ice mold in her drink.

Instead of having a huge cake at your little girls party you could serve little miniature cupcakes that you could decorate in different patterns using a special device we sell called the battery powered frosting pen. This super cool decorative frosting pen is easy to use and mess free. You will be able to decorate your cupcakes, muffins or biscuits easily in minutes. It comes with 3 icing cartridges for 3 different colors ready to swap and load, 6 decorating tips for various designs, 3 filler plates and 1 color mixer that allows you to mix colors inside your cartridge. It is completely battery powered and requires two AA batteries to become operational.

 At the end of the day your little princess’s party should be planned to perfection and to do that you need to order al the necessary supplies in advance so that you are not faced with any last minute hurdles.


Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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