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Ideas for childrens party themes

ideas for childrens party themes
ideas for childrens party themes
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Having a theme for a birthday is always a good idea. When decorating a themed birthday party, you always have a better idea regarding how to decorate the birthday party as you have to decorate it in a specific way. Moreover, a themed birthday party is different from a normal birthday party and usually more exciting; a birthday party with a theme can have more features due to a particular theme being present. Some themed birthday parties give the guests a chance to dress up in a particular way as well. Here are some birthday themes that you incorporate in your birthday party:

Girls Only Party Theme

A Girls Only birthday party, as the name suggests, is a good idea for girls as far as birthday themes are concerned. You (if you are a girl) can invite all your girl friends and have a blast with them doing all the things girls like doing.

You can have a makeup booth with a professional makeup artist from a local salon hired to beautify you and your friends with really good makeup. A person who works at a local salon ought to charge you an amount depending upon how much the makeup salon charges per session. However you can find really talented makeup artists at affordable salons as well.

You and your friends are probably going to take a lot of pictures as well so how about you set a few backdrops to stand in front of when taking pictures. The backdrops you choose are up to you; you can have a snowy mountains backdrop or a beach backdrop etc.

Another thing that you can have at your Girls Only party is music that you and your girls can enjoy. Make a playlist of the songs you and your group of girl friends enjoy and dance to those songs. The Disco Party Light is perfect for creating a great dance floor as it strobes in rhythm with the music and flashes multi-coloured lights.

You can also make really nice cupcakes for your friends. By using the Battery Powdered Frosting Pen you can decorate your cupcakes really well and even write the names of the friends you invited individually on each cupcake. This would add a great feeling of friendship and everybody can enjoy eating the cupcakes with their names on it.


Sports Theme

Now that we have an idea for girls’ birthday theme, it is only fair to have one for boys. A Sports theme is perfect for any boy who is into sports, and that most probably includes the whole boy population in existence.

If you plan on having a sports themed birthday party, then ask all your guests to come to the party wearing their favourite sport’s clothes, for example if somebody likes cricket then he or she can wear the classic cricket whites.

Games are going to be a central feature at such a party; arrange miniature versions of the popular sports around. You can arrange miniature golf or even a 5 players per side soccer match; give the winner or the winning team of the sports some kind of reward to make the miniature more competitive and fun.

For a sports themed birthday party you can decorate the party area with posters of popular athletes and sports stars along with various sports equipment kept and clothes hung tastefully around the party area.

At such a birthday party where most of the activities will be held outside, serving food to the guests might be a problem. The Inflatable and Portable Salad Bar/Buffet Table is the perfect solution to this problem. You can set this table outside and keep whatever you want, drinks and food, on it for the guests to eat whenever they are not playing.


Circus Theme

A circus birthday theme is easy to manage and it means a lot of fun for everybody at the party. Decorate a circus themed birthday party using red and white streamers; attach one end of the streamers to the center of the ceiling and make them come down along the walls, this will give the illusion of being inside a tent.

You can have various games at this party. Have games that require a person to show strength or aiming ability and have a reward for the guests who successfully accomplish the aim of these games; a stuff toy would do just fine.

Another good idea at such a party is to provide food to the guests that is not served on plates and crockery etc. Have hotdogs and other such food items at the party. The Fairy Floss Machine is perfect for such a party; use it to make lots of fairy floss for the kids and the guests. Do not forget to add food colour in the machine to make coloured fairy floss which would look really good.




Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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