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The ultimate guide to having a fairy or princess party

The ultimate guide to having a fairy or princess party
The ultimate guide to having a fairy or princess party
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A fairy themed party is all about the lights and glowing decorations. Fairies are beautiful little glowing creatures and if you want your party to look like one filled with fairies then you need to have a glowing yet subtle environment at your event.

As far as lights are concerned, we have a great collection in our online store. You can find several suitable party lights and string lights and various other decorations available to decorate your fairy party, here is a collection of great decorations and ideas that can help make your celebration one to remember for a long time.

Firstly our most recommended item for any fairy party would be our laser garden landscape light... 

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Other recommended ideas.....

Fairy Berries

Fairy Berries are an essential for a party with theme of fairies. These small berries can literally be placed anywhere and everywhere inside the party to make it look like it is filled with fairies. The Fairy Berries are small balls with LED lights inside them to make them glow along with small batteries inside them that can make the glow last for more than 20 hours. These berries have LEDs that fade on and off slowly to create a rather magical effect. Moreover, the Fairy Berries are waterproof so you can place them anywhere you like inside the party, even water features, swimming pools, vases filled with water or anywhere else for that matter. Yet another great feature of these round LED berries is that they can be hung from anywhere you like, so you can create a beautiful effect of airborne fairies inside the party area; you can hang the lights from trees or any other place inside the party area. To sum the Fairy Berries up, they can be used all around the party area to create a beautiful and subtle flickering effect inside the fairy party, and since the batteries inside the berries are replaceable, you will not have to buy them again and again to adorn your parties.

Every girl loves a fairy themed party!

White Liladee Flower Fairy Lights

Moving on to a light that is as beautiful as the Fairy Berries yet can be used in a different way, the White Liladee Flower Fairy Lights are perfect for decorating a fairy party. These lights are attached to one another and look like a gorgeous series of white glowing flowers. Fairies and flowers go together very well; hence these lights are tailor made for a fairy party. You can use these lights to decorate your party table or you can hang them around the party area to create a subtle fairy-like glow all over the party. The White Liladee Flower Fairy Lights are also suitable for an outdoor fairy party especially one that is being held in a garden.

Purple Butterfly LED Lights

The Purple Butterfly LED lights are a little different from the lights mentioned above; they are purple rather than white and they have to be hung from the ceiling of the party room, however they create an equally an effect that is just as magical as the other two lights. Butterflies and fairies have quite a lot in common, they are both winged creatures that are fragile and beautiful, and therefore these LED butterflies are just right for a fairy party. The Purple Butterflies have different setting and flash speeds and you can adjust them to give a completely solid or a blinking light according to what you prefer. The Customizability of the LED butterflies make them even better for a fairy party; you can use them to create exactly the sort of fairy-like effect that you want inside the party.

Multi-Coloured Liladee Flower Fairy Lights

The Multi-Coloured Liladee Flower Fairy Lights add a great spectrum of colour to any party. These lights are a good choice for a fairy themed party in case you want to add colour to your party as well as a beautiful glow. The multi-coloured lights can be hung from anywhere inside the party and they are also great for decorating the party table. If the party is outdoors, you can decorate any bushes or trees in and around the party area to make the party look true to its theme. If you want to order these lights, measure the length of the area you want to decorate using the Multi-Coloured Liladee Flower Fairy lights and order an adequate length of this particular product so that you have enough to cover the whole area. Considering the low price of this beautiful decoration product, you can order as many as you like without worrying about your budget.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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