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Kids party games

Kids party games
Kids party games
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 Here is a great list of some interesting party games for children to play.

Human Twister

   This is one of the most fun and simplest games for children to play at birthdays. The children have to assemble in a circle with all of them facing in towards the center of the circle. Then each child must grab each other's hands in a random manner with their arms extended outwards. Seems simple enough till now? Wait till you ask the children to untangle their arms without ever letting go of each other's hands. This game will definitely be a hit with everybody especially the kids as they twist and turn to undo the 'mess'.


Blob Tag

This game is an outdoors one and the kids are bound to love it. The rules of the game are simple; one of the players has to run around trying to tag another. Once he or she has tagged another player, the two players form a 'blob' and stick together and try to tag other players. Once the blob consists of four players, it can split into teams made out of two players and so on and so forth. The game continues till the last player left is tagged. This game ensures good old fashioned fun for the kids and the parents present can enjoy watching the kids run around with fits of laughter filling the whole playground.


Surprise Package

 Surprise Package is an indoor game that begins with a grand prize that is placed inside a box. The box is then wrapped and placed into another box that contains a smaller prize in comparison and is then wrapped as well. This process of placing one box containing a prize into another with a smaller gift continues till there are as many boxes as there are children. In order to play the game, the children have to sit in a circle and have to pass around the wrapped box till the music plays. Once the music stops, the child with the box has to unwrap the box once, take the prize and step outside the circle. This continues till the last box with grand prize is unwrapped by the winning child that remains in the end. The great thing about this game is that everyone playing the game gets to have a prize!


Balloon Burst, Toss or Stomp

 For Balloon Burst, you need a very bright sunny day. To play Balloon Burst, tie as many balloons as there are children at the birthday party to an outdoor fence. Hand each one of the children a magnifying glass and ask them to place their magnifying glasses three inches above the balloons and use the sunlight to direct a bright spot on them. The goal of the game is to use the heat of the sunlight to burst the balloons. The first player to burst his or her balloon wins the game and gets a prize. To play Balloon Toss, the children have to be first divided into teams of two. Fill the balloons up with water and hand each team one balloon. The goal of this game is for each team to toss the water-filled balloons to one another and step one step back after each toss and successful grab. The team that gets the farthest from each other without letting its balloon burst is the one that wins and gets the winning prize. Remember to ask the children to bring a change of clothes if you plan on including this game in your child's birthday. To play Balloon stomp, you must have several inflated balloons ready before hand with a rubber band attached to the end of each balloon. In order to play the game, each player must have a balloon attached around his or her ankle and must go around trying to stomp on other players balloons (also attached to their ankles). The winner of the game is the one who has his or her balloon still safely attached to the ankle.


Hot Potato   

 Hot Potato is a simple and fun game that involves having the children at the birthday party sit around the birthday boy or girl. The child sitting in the center of the circle is handed a 'Hot Potato' or any other small object such as a ball, who then has to close his or her eyes and randomly toss it to one of the surrounding children. The children in the circle then have to pass the hot potato around till the one sitting at the center of the circle randomly says aloud "Hot Potato". At this point the child in possession of the hot potato must step outside the circle and the game continues in the same manner. The winner of this game is the one who remains till the end.


Sock Mania

 Sock Mania, as you would have already guessed, revolves around who can put on the most pair socks. To play this game the players have to compete against each other two at a time. The competition starts with each one of the two players getting blindfolded and then wearing as many pairs of socks as they can in a minute from the large pile of socks in front of them. The one who puts on more socks wins and each winner can go against each other till there is an overall winner.


Flour Tag

 In order to play this outdoor game, you must prepare lots of flour 'bombs' made out of nylon and tied around the end. The game is played by the players trying to tag one another by throwing flour bombs at each other. If a player gets hit, that players must stand in the jail till he or she cleans the flour off of his or her clothes with a wet rag. Remember to ask everybody to wear dark t-shirts before playing this game for obvious reasons. You can mix a game of Capture the Flag with Flour Tag to make it more fun.


Obstacle Course

 This is yet another outdoor game that is a lot of fun. You must create an obstacle course in your backyard using things such as chairs, spare tires, tables etc. The children must crawl, hop and jump through the course; include tasks like riding a tricycle across a sandbox in the game. Create two teams to make the game more fun. The team that crosses the course in the least amount of time wins!



 A game of snatch involves a table laden with various items. The players must observe these items for a limited amount of time. The game starts with one of the players turning around with another 'snatching' one of the items on the table away behind the first players back. The first player must then turn around again and guess which item is missing and which one of the players snatched it away. The player gets three tries and the one who did the snatching gets to guess in following round. 


Roll Race

 Divide the kids into two teams and hand each team a roll of toilet paper. Each team must then choose a 'mummy' and then wrap her around with toilet paper. Since the toilet paper break easily, the teams may have to stop and start again and again, making the game more challenging. The team who mummifies their chosen person first, wins!


Ice Breaker

  The children are bound to love this game. If you want to include this game in your child's birthday party, take a bunch of milk cartons and fill them half-way up with coloured water. Before the water completely solidifies, put in some plastic toys in the container and fill the containers up with more coloured water. When the time comes, give each child a coloured brick and let them chip the ice away to find the delightful toys waiting for them.


Cake Quilt

 Last but not least, Cake Quilt is perhaps the most creative game in this list. Bake a sheet cake beforehand and cut squares out of it (cut one for each child). When the children finally arrive, hand each one a square piece along with items that can be used to decorate the pieces such icing etc. When everybody is finished, put the pieces back together and use it as a birthday cake. Later on, everybody can have the piece they decorated. 

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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