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How to organize an outdoor birthday party for kids

How to organize an outdoor birthday party for kids
How to organize an outdoor birthday party for kids
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Tips how to organize an outdoor birthday party for kids
It’s your son/daughter’s birthday party and you of course want to give him/her a really fun one, so why not let him/her enjoy outdoor for a change? Take that xbox, wii, iphone, or ipad away from your kid’s hands and teach him to have fun in the sun… and get his friends to join too.
Here are some nice ideas of having a kid’s party out in the sun.
Take a plunge!
A pool kids’ party would be really fun! You may want to have it  at the town or park’s pool and invite your kid’s friends to come over. If you can’t hire a pool, then kids’ plastic swimming pools can do the trick. You can ask your kid’s friends to come along and maybe bring their own pools with them and set them up in your front or back yard. For added fun, kids can play with water guns, water balloons and the water slide.
Some foods you can prepare are burgers, clubhouse sandwiches, or maybe some sizzling sausages and barbeque.
Go for a walk.
It would also be nice to have some hiking trip or some wildlife adventure with your kid and his/her friends. You can hike a mini forest or have them booked at a zoo or a park. Be sure to have some easy-to-bring snacks and drinks for the kids such as sandwiches, cookies, muffins and lots of water. Be prepared to name some animals, birds, or plants that you may find as you go along. 
Enjoy outdoor on a winter!
If a pool party is not possible, probably because of the winter season or your kid is just not into swimming, then you can still have a backyard party for kids. Set up your swing, trampoline, slide, bikes and scooters that the kids can play. You can also initiate some games for the kids to play with such as hide and seek, Chinese garter, bring me something, etc.
The foods you need to prepare may be some hot baked potato or mashed potatoes, some lasagne, sandwiches and/or burgers.
Theme park fun!
Booking or getting some group reservation for your kid and his/her friends, might be a little costly but this definitely give them an experience of a lifetime. This will be a great bonding activity for your family and your kid’s friends. You have a choice of full reservation (which means that the kids can have a ride-all-you-can for the whole day, or you may opt for a limited reservation (which means that you will be paying for your kid and his/her guests’ limited number of rides, say 3 or 4 rides, thus the kids will then just choose which of the rides they will use).
Nowadays, it is quite hard to pull our children away from the TV or laptop or their virtual playing games. Most often than not, kids would opt to just stay inside their rooms and have their own world leaving you wondering how are they or if they are having fun. Planning an outdoor activity or birthday party for them will be a great and fun way to get them out of their bed. What’s more exciting in this is that your kid’s friends will be there to have fun as well. It will indeed be one memorable birthday party for him.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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