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How to prepare the kids loot bags.

How to prepare the kids loot bags.
How to prepare the kids loot bags.
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Need some ideas to prepare the kids’ party loot bags?

Kids love getting loot bags, thus if it is a children’s party you’re organizing, make sure to allot some budget for the loot bags. Loot bags are a collection of items in a bag that are given to the guests of a party which they can home with. 
What should you include in a loot bag? Here are some ideas:
First, think of the contents you want in your kid’s loot bags. The usual contents are lollies, party poppers and some toys. You may want it to be a little more useful so you can put some colouring pens, a small colouring book, writing materials, sticker cards and anything which kids can have fun while learning.  Or it may contain some healthy foods instead of just sweets and lollies. For example, baked cookies, carrot cakes, yoghurt, chocolate milk drinks in pouches, fruits,  and the likes. Or it  may also coincide with the party’s theme, like for example if it is a Disney-themed party, then loot bags can have stickers, pins, notepads toy rings and necklaces that have pictures of Disney prince and princesses. 
Second, you have to think of the kind of bag that you would use. Some prefer the ready to use plastic loot bags that can be bought in the grocery. Aside from it being handy, this type of bag is also the cheapest for its purpose. Plastic loot bags that are available in the grocery may come in many different colours and/or themes. There may be bags with pictures of your kid’s favourite action hero or cartoon character. There may be loot bags which has pictures of teenage celebrities.  
Some prefer paper loot bags. This is more environment-friendly and can easily be personalized as pictures and tags can be attached easily. You can even write the kid’s name onto it. There are also DIY paper loot bags. If you are the creative type who always wants to shed some labour of love, then DIY paper loot bags should be your choice. 
If you want to make it a little more special, you can use actual bags as loot bags. This can be in the form of a backpack or for girls, cute and colourful handbags.  With actual bags as loot bags, you can put more and bigger items if you want such as school stuff, bigger toys like dolls, toy cars, reading books, board games and the likes. By using actual bags as loot bags, you are also assured that the bag itself will be put to good use by your kid’s guests.
Third and last thing you need to know is the number of kids or attendees who will receive loot bags. It is better to prepare more than the actual number of kids you are expecting instead of having to worry if there are some kids who will be left out and not enjoy the loot bags that you have prepared.   
There is definitely no rule when it comes to the loot bags that you want your kid to share with his/her friends on his/her special day. The more creative you can, the better. The more generous you can be, the happier the kids would be. The healthier the contents of the loot bags, for sure the more satisfied the kids’ mums would be.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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