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Choosing the best kids party food for birthdays

How to prepare the menu for your kids birthday party
How to prepare the menu for your kids birthday party
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Party Supplies are important for a kids party but the menu is just as important.Because planning the menu for a kid's birthday party can be tricky, we have compiled a list of ideas to help. Keep these great tips in mind when choosing kids party food.

Careful menu selection for your kids party

If you’re planning for your kid’s birthday party, please be very careful with the kind of menu that you will serve. Planning for a menu, much more of it is for kid’s birthday party can be a little tricky as there are a few things you need to consider. These are:

1. The guests

Will you be inviting just your kid’s friends (about his age) or will you invite the parents/guardians as well? You need to know this so that you can plan of adding some menu or dish, if parents of the kids will have to come along.
Remember, you have various options for menu plan, depending on the kind of guests that you will be expecting. If it will be just the kids, then you can prepare just finger-foods such as cookies, chips, muffins, sausages, chicken nuggets and the likes. However, if there will be some adults with them, you may include some special dish in your menu such as pasta, pizza, salad and any dish which you think would be liked by adults.
Even the types of drinks that you need to have may need to have variations as well, if you are expecting just kids alone or if there will be some adults with them. With just kids, you can have fruit juices, and/or some lemonade. However if there will be parents and guardians with them, you may need to have some tea, coffee and soft drinks or sodas.
Another thing that you need to know is the number of your or your kids’ expected guests. You neither want to cook too much food for just a few guests, nor end up with too little kids party food when there are many guests to come. If you know how many, more or less, guests will be there, you will know how much food you need to serve at your party.
2. The venue

Will you be having the party in your own backyard? Or do you plan of having the party somewhere else, like a rented hall, the park, at a theme park, poolside, beachside or at a certain fast food chain?
If it is in your own home, then you can prepare any type of kids party food that you and the birthday boy/girl like. You can also think of serving a full course meal, including an entrée, a main dish and some desert. However, if you have planned for the birthday party to be held outside your home, then you will have to think about how to bring the food and the utensils to the venue. Because of the hassle of transporting the food to the party venue, you then have the option of preparing easy-to-cook foods such as picnic foods, including kids party food favorites like sandwiches, fruits, and cold drinks in packets.
3. The season

Will this be a summer party or a winter one? The type of the season when the birthday party will be held may affect the kind of dishes you need to prepare. For example, if it is going to be held on a summer, then you can have some barbeque, grilled burgers, summer cones and/or ice cream. And if it’s going to be a winter birthday party, then you may need to have some baked potatoes, mac and cheese, vegetable or noodles soup and/or some roasts.
Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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