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How to select your childs costume for a costume party

How to select your childs costume for a costume party
How to select your childs costume for a costume party
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Costume parties are fun, especially if it is for the kids. Kids love dressing up, and parents love taking photos of their kids if they are in a costume. Below are some of the tips that are aimed at helping the parents, like you, when selecting the most appropriate costume for your kid. 
Let your child's personality shine
Is your kid into singing? Does he love playing any musical instrument like drums or guitars? Or does he have any celebrity that he likes imitating? By showing your kid’s personality and interests through his costume, you are then giving him the chance to enjoy the party by doing what he likes best.
Let them choose what they like.
Maybe she wants to be a princess and he wants to be a pirate. Whilst they may be very common and not original costumes it's important to let them dress how they like. Many parents have there own unique ideas for amazing costumes when really simply just letting them dress how they like makes them more happy. 
Practice Parental Guidance
Though it is important to allow your kid to choose the costume that he likes, you as a parent should still see to it that the costume will not go overboard and will still be suited for his age. It should not be in any way connected to violence, alcohol drinking, illegal drug use and/or any criminal act. If your kid insists, then that will be the time to show him who’s the boss, but make sure that you will give him good reasons why such costume shouldn’t be worn. Many of these pictures of children have gone viral on the internet.. The last thing you want is a picture of your child dressed inappropriately and then spread on the internet suggesting you are a bad parent.
Be creative and use party decorations and props to make the event..
Aside from the usual ready-to-wear costumes that can easily be bought from department stores and/or kids’ toys shops, you can use your inner creativity and sew him the costume that he is envisioning. Treat this as another bonding activity for you and your kid. Ask him to draw the costume that he likes to wear, then make a pattern out of his drawing. You can even ask him to cut some parts, if necessary. You can teach him to attach the buttons …anything that will make him feel ‘involved’ in creating his own costume. This way, he can have a personalized and unique costume that is created by the two of you.  
Be more imaginative by getting some more props which will reinforce the idea of your kid’s costume. If he wants to be a pirate, then he can hold a red pouch with toy gold coins inside. If he wants to be a prince, then he can have a crown and a cape.
Kid’s costume need not be too expensive, in fact you can make your own, as long as you are willing to do so. More so, the costume need not be the coolest or the cutest one among all the kids’, as long as your kid loves it and is having fun, that is all that matters. You will be there to support, cheer and take photos of him so that when he grows up, he can see how adorable he is in his chosen costume.

Jarrod Brake Written By: Jarrod Brake
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