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Colourful Fire

Colourful Fire
Colourful Fire
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* NEW PRODUCT!! - Called " COLOURFUL FIRE ...goverment approved formula just released this month  - Only available at Party Supplies Now - Not available in stores or online.
We developed something new brighter and longer lasting!!

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Colorful Fire is no ordinary flame colorant! Colorful Fire packets are environmentally friendly and produce no smoke, no odor and no noxious fumes

Mesmerize your guests with this mysterious colourful flame! Place the special powder packet ( do not open packet ) onto your campfire, indoor fire or firepit to create an amazing flame that magically changes colours right before their very eyes! You'll be the master of magical mystery with this fun fire accessory, and you don't even have to share the secret to your wondrous flames, unless you just want to!
This fun powder transforms any flame into a colour changing masterpiece within seconds. It's easy to use, perfectly safe and so much fun, you'll want to use it every time you build a fire. Because it's made from safe materials, you can use it indoors or out. It's great for camping or just sitting around the firepit, and everyone will love the fascinating effect that the flames produce. 
Grab several packets ( Buy in packs of 10 here ) of this great product, because you will definitely use it. It also makes a great gift idea for camping enthusiasts and is just so much fun, you'll want to use it all year long!
- Enviromently friendly
- Produces no dangerous fumes or smoke
- All new - Just approved and released this month to us.
- Brighter + Longer lasting..
One packet of Colourful Fire powder ( Purchase 10 packs here and save )
Easy to use packet turns flames into multicolour ones
Blue, purple and multicolour flames are great for camping
Great indoors or outdoors
* Not available in stores or online - Exclusive to Party Supplies Now
* When using do not open packet... Simply place it into your fire and watch and be amazed!
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  • 5 "WOW! amazing have never seen anything like it.My friends all wanted to know where they could get some as well."katie summerstrusted review
  • 5 "Really cool stuff! would recommend a few packets. We had 2 and they lasted a while but it was like sugar. We wanted more haha."Jasmine abotttrusted review
  • 5 "I put this in the fire without my friends knowing.. And then pretended that I could do magic and make the fire change... haha you should of seen there faces!!"Kristy williamstrusted review
  • 5 "Cat wait t go camping to use these. Actually I\'d love to have a fire now "Faithtrusted review
  • 5 "It was so great!! It was a good laugh to see my camper friends dropping their jaws when they saw colourful campfire!! They still don\'t know how it happened! Funny! :) "Sally Pilbeamtrusted review
  • 5 "Mystical fire was absolutely amazing. Will purchase it again and again. Though the price was a little high and I purchased it at the special price. Fantastic product thankyou."castrusted review
  • 5 "What an amazing product. It lasted alot longer then i thought and looked amazing"Smarlatrusted review
  • 5 "The mystical fire was just that mystical. Looked fantastic think I will be getting more. The wine bottle glasses were hits as birthday present. Also delivery was really quick "Ann Ceciltrusted review
  • 4 "It did exaclty what it said it would do! Great!!"Anne Handtrusted review
  • 4 "very fast prompt delivery."katrinatrusted review
  • 5 "This is SO MUCH FUN!!! The whole family sat out to watch the fire - including my son who hates to leave his electronics!!!"Tonitrusted review
  • 5 "They are awesome and had my husband and son mesmerized. Should have bought more."Kylietrusted review
  • 4 "A fantastic way to make an ordinary fire special."mjohnsontrusted review
  • 5 "Lots of fun,especially if Dad doesn't know..excellent product and super fast post"Sandytrusted review
  • 5 "Mesmerized by the colour..just lovely!"Georgina trusted review
  • 5 "Coloured fire was fantastic.. kids loved it, adults loved it & made our party very special."Kathleen Nichollstrusted review
  • Average rating: 5, based on 16 reviews.

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